About Us: Non-GMO & Pesticide Free Organic Gardening

Raven Wood Gardens INC is a purposeful and sustainable gardening experience using organic gardening techniques. Raven Wood Gardens INC became a 501c3 Non Profit Organization on February 3, 2023.

We always have health and wellness in mind. We use certified non-GMO seeds, natural composting, companion planting, soil probiotics, and beneficial insects, such as soil enriching red worms in our therapeutic gardens.

All weeds are hand picked. No commercial pesticides are ever used. We also have happy chickens!

About Us: Garden Helpers

Lou Anne and Craig Bates

Lou Anne

Lou Anne Bates founded Raven Wood Gardens in 2012 with the support of her husband Craig. She is a positive, caring individual with a passion for people & projects involving plants, including therapy gardening.


Lou Anne’s husband Craig Bates is the owner and founder of Smart Choice Lawn Care in Menominee, Michigan. Craig is an Army Veteran. He is in charge of maintaining the grounds, and finds gardening therapeutic.


Do you have a need to get outside and be in the fresh air? Do you want to dig your fingers in the dirt and have some garden therapy time? Occasionally we have need for a volunteer or two in our gardens.

About Raven Wood Gardens

Raven Wood Gardens INC became a 501c3 Non Profit Organization on February 3, 2023.

By Appointment

We schedule your time at Raven Wood Gardens by appointment only. We want to give individualized attention to each visitor. Order pick-ups or home delivery options may be available.

Organic Gardening

Showcasing Garden Tours of our green house raised bed or Hugel type garens including flowerbeds, herb gardens, ponds & more. 1 Hour Garden Therapy. Bring your counselor or come alone.

Supporting Veterans

We support veterans in a variety of ways. We provide a space for them to garden. We host events to benefit veterans. Low impact fireworks is one example of those events. Contact Us for more info!

Educational Workshops

Learn about: Tea gardens, how to make Kombucha, preserving foods, making bar soap & liquid soap, tie dye, essential plant oils and many more topics. Group of 10+ required.

Gift Shop

Visit our gift shop to find stuff like handmade soap, UP made products, Essential Oils, Vegetables, Plants for sale, tie dye t-shirts, and more! Canning Vegetables available in Fall.

Group Event Hosting

We offer a spacious and relaxing venue with outdoor kitchen and seating. Host Anniversaries, Weddings, Reunions, Ladies Events, Lunches, Yoga Sessions, Presentations, and more.

Rent A Plot

Garden Plot Rentals & Plants available. Wheel Garden Plots and Box Garden Plots for rent. Going on vacation? Watering is included.

Veteran’s Gift Shop

A consignment gift shop for local community artists and veterans to showcase their therapeutic plant or nature related hand made crafts.

5013c Nonprofit Org

In February 2023, Raven Wood Gardens Inc. became a 5013c nonprofit organization run by a board of directors.

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