Garden Therapy in Menominee, MI

Garden Therapy in Menominee, Michigan at Raven Wood Gardens LLC

Garden Therapy is for everyone! But at Raven Wood Gardens LLC in Menominee, Michigan, we offer extra support for Veterans and others with PTSD and CPTSD, anxiety, depression, and other conditions. Also, since our Therapeutic Gardens are by Appointment Only, you will have privacy, peace, and quiet.

What is Garden Therapy?


 therapeutic medical treatment of impairment, injury, disease, or disorder.

Merriam-Webster Dic Definition

Fresh air and sunshine are essential for both physical and mental well being. But not everyone has the space or privacy to enjoy those things. If you are passionate about gardening, but don’t have a garden of your own, don’t fret! At Raven Wood Gardens LLC, we have a therapeutic setting for anyone who needs some garden therapy.

Why Garden Therapy is Important to Us

Lou Anne Bates, owner and proprietor of Raven Wood Gardens LLC in Menominee, MI has a passion for gardening. Her husband Craig Bates is a veteran with PTSD and anxiety. As a caregiver, Lou Anne has also developed CPTSD.

Lou Anne also suffers from CIDP, or Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy. Chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (CIDP) is a condition that arises when the myelin sheaths around nerve cells are damaged. It involves inflammation of nerve roots and peripheral nerves and destruction of the fatty protective covering (myelin sheath) of the nerve fibers.

This condition caused Lou Anne to have cramping, migraines, atrophy, and seizures. She lost her appetite. She lost weight. And at one point could no longer walk. She was in a wheelchair, desperate to find a way back to wellness and good health.

On her journey to recovery, much to her surprise, she discovered that Cannabis was a medicine which might help both her and her husband. She realized it was time to “Erase the Stigma” and acknowledge the many benefits of hemp and cannabis.

Today, Lou Anne and Craig both use Garden Therapy to get relief from CPTSD and other conditions. It gets them outside and gives them a purpose. And their mission is to bring relief and better mental and physical health to their community.

We hope that by taking advantage of our services, you will find wellness.

Lou Anne Bates and Craig Bates
Lou Anne Bates and Craig Bates
Garden Therapy in Menominee, Michigan at Raven Wood Gardens LLC
Enjoy some Garden Therapy time in Menominee, Michigan at Raven Wood Gardens LLC
Garden Therapy in Menominee, Michigan at Raven Wood Gardens LLC
Garden Therapy in Menominee, Michigan at Raven Wood Gardens LLC

What does Raven Wood Gardens Offer?

We offer a safe, quiet, and healthy outdoor environment for veterans and others to decompress, participate in projects, plant a garden, sell their crafts, and more. Help us to repurpose used items, and find a new purpose.

  • Garden Therapy Space For Rent: You can purchase Garden Therapy by the hour. We offer a private secure place to decompress from stress. Bring your counselor if you wish. By appointment only. You must schedule a visit with us before or after purchasing this service.
  • Garden Wedge Plots For Rent: Rent a Wheel in the Garden Wedge Plot.  Each gardener gets their own garden wedge plot. Veteran, PTSD, Anxiety & Depression Therapy Wheel garden – If you would like to sponsor a gardener and donate 1 or more months, it would be appreciated.
  • Garden Tours & Gift Shop: Schedule a tour today and see what Raven Wood Gardens LLC has to offer. Garden Tours are by appointment only. The gift shop features Veteran created crafts, and a variety of other repurposed items.

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