First Annual Erase the Stigma on August 14th, 2021 in Menominee, MI

Erase the Stigma at Raven Wood Gardens LLC in Menominee, Michigan

Join Raven Wood Gardens LLC on August 14, 2021 in Menominee, Michigan from 10am – 3pm for the first annual “Erase the Stigma Event”. Even the Menominee Sasquatch bought a ticket! Download the Schedule of Events.

This educational and networking event is intended for seniors, church people, veterans, those with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or Complex PTSD (CPTSD), and those suffering from any other health issues and concerns who are looking for Caregiver support.

Michigan Medical Marijuana Caregivers Erase the Stigma

Michigan Medical Marijuana Caregivers are also encouraged to attend in order to network with potential medical marijuana / cannabis patients in the Upper Peninsula.  

This event is sponsored by Grow Masters, Green Web Design, & the Chamber of CannaBiz in Menominee; Grow Maxx, IM REC Center & the Rize UP Dispensary in Iron Mountain; and the Lume Dispensary in Escanaba. 

Lots of great door prizes have been donated from businesses such as:

This fun and educational event will feature Speakers, Music, a variety of Vendors, RC Car Therapy, and more. During the event, you will be able to self-tour the grounds. If there is time after the event, and if guests have interest, we would be glad to offer an “extra treat” and show you the garden and gift shop. Just make sure to ask if you are interested! Products from the U.P. Chaga Connection LLC will also be available in the gift shop.

Vendors Will Include:

Mikey’s Twisted Plate; Mama Maria’s Desserts & Beverages; Tower Gardens by Shanna Champeau (Niagara, WI); Rize UP Dispensary (Iron Mountain); Lume Dispensary (Escanaba); Holy Smokes (Menominee, MI); Wood Crafts by Veteran Bob Pulaski (Menominee); Massage Therapy by Amber Koesling; Art by String Artist Rown Hagen / Perplexia (Menominee); Art by Christina Bunker / DeLuna Roseblood Creations (Menominee); and more!

Mikey’s Twisted Plate will be on site with a food truck if you would like to to purchase lunch.  Mama Maria’s Desserts & Beverages will also be there.

Lunch time music will be provided by Brittany & Justin.

Additional entertainment will be provided by Jesse Powell from the UP Pinball Collective & Pintertainment.

There are Hotels, bed & breakfasts & park camping options available near by for those traveling. Kleinke Park is located 13 miles north of Menominee on M35 and offers camping. Don’t forget to check out the West Shore Fishing Museum and Bailey’s Park if you have time!

Speakers Will Include:

Law Enforcement Action Partnership (LEAP) Speaker Sgt. Terry Blevins (Fmr.) Gila County Sheriff’s Office, AZ, and US Departments of State & Defense Los Angeles, CA Executive Board Member discusses Public Safety Benefits of Medical Cannabis and Officer Wellness with regards to PTSD and his personal experience with colleagues via YouTube video streaming.

Amy from Lume Dispensary

Michelle from Rize Up Dispensary.

Tracy Zeske, Manager of of Holy Smokes / Holy Tokes.

Roy Martin on behalf of Wisconsin Cannabis Activist Network. He is also a Certified Cannabis Specialist from Indigenous Ideas LLC.

Jessica Struzik, Owner of Green Web Design & the Chamber of CannaBiz, Webmaster of Wisconsin Cannabis Activist Network, Secretary of Northern Wisconsin NORML, and a caregiver and patient, will give an overview of why the Michigan medical marijuana program is valuable for patients.

And more!

Saturday, August 14th, 10:00 – 3:00. Tickets are $25. 
Note: Gated and By Invitation ONLY Event. 

Any Questions Call 715-923-9362. ###

More Info:

Have you or a loved one dealt with depression or PTSD? Are you a veteran, senior, or anyone else who is dealing with a medical condition? Raven Wood Gardens LLC is here for you. We are Offering an amazing opportunity to be educated on alternative healing and healthy living.

We invite you to spend the day with us to erase the stigma around alternative healing options. Adults and seniors dealing with depression, PTSD are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity.

Come out and enjoy live music, food, vendors, educational speakers, and more. Raven Wood Gardens LLC is here to help you network and learn!

Please bring your own Lawn Chairs as seating is limited.

Cigarette Smokers, please smoke in your own car and not in the gardens or around other guests.

Parking – check in at the gate and tell the employees if you are a vendor, if you are a speaker, or if you are handicapped, and you will be told where to park to best accommodate your unique needs.

Special Thanks to:

  • Matt Dagenais Riverside Auto
  • Speedy Turtle
  • Halfway Bar & Grill- Cedar River
  • Scot Fernstrum
  • Brandon Ciske
  • Shanna Johnson Champeau
  • Angel Hulce
  • Chelsea Alyn
  • Kubers Feed Mill
  • Amber Koesling
  • Aaron Kurz
  • Apple Jacks – Pam
  • Mikey’s Twisted Plate
  • Brittany & Justin
  • Debbie Badini
  • Dillon Mathews
  • Wild Wild West
  • Mary Olsen
  • Chelsea Liberty
  • WK Photography, Multi-Media & More
  • Rize UP Dispensary
  • Lume Dispensary
  • Holy Smokes
  • Holy Tokes
  • and More!

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