Businesses come together in Menominee for first ‘Erase The Stigma’ event

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People, including veterans, who have PTSD and other health concerns get educated about medical marijuana at “Erase the Stigma” Event

By Matt Price – Video Available at Fox TV6

ERASE THE STIGMA – MENOMINEE, Mich. (WLUC) – At Raven Wood Gardens LLC in Menominee, owner Lou Anne Bates wants to give those with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, including veterans, an opportunity to understand medical cannabis and address the phobias surrounding it. On Saturday, the first ever “Erase The Stigma” event did just that.

Bates says it felt personal giving attendees an option when dealing with health concerns.

“My husband was a retired police detective and was in the army,” Bates explained. “He has PTSD and anxiety. It affects all of our health. Basically, I needed support, and none of the other stuff worked. He suggested medical marijuana.”

Throughout the day, speakers gave their views on using medical marijuana. Attendees also networked with dispensaries, like Rize U.P. and Lume, for a better understanding.

“We’re excited to show the medicinal properties of cannabis and show cannabis in a new light,” said Lume’s Iron Mountain Store Manager, Dan Trumble. “The medicinal properties of it really can affect people of all ages and many different ailments.”

People learned about other types of therapy to deal with depression, like gardening or playing pinball, and learned about other people’s experiences.

“It broadened my horizons on the types of things that this plant can help people with,” said event attendee Scot Fernstrum.

Bates says there is one thing she and the participating businesses have in common, which made the event even more important.

“Even though some of us are businesses, we all started off with health issues,” she said. “So, we all came together as a business after COVID to do something really good.”

Bates hopes people take advantage of cannabis and other therapeutic options to erase the stigma. She also plans to hold this event again in 2022.

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